Meet the Interns: Zach Ward

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Over the past eight weeks, I have been fortunate enough to intern at Metropolitan Group’s Portland office. Since arriving, I’ve worked on a wide range of engaging projects, drunk gallons of complimentary coffee, and loved every minute of my experience at MG. As the New Business Development (NBD) intern, I’ve had the opportunity to support the cultivation of new clients for the agency. NBD projects are almost always long-term, which as an intern make them incredibly interesting to work on. It’s a little bit like playing a game of chess: it requires thinking six months ahead and making sure MG is in the best possible position. Every new move could be the key to building relationships with new organizations and finding new ways to create and support social change. Although my time with MG is relatively short, it’s rewarding to know that the work I do now could pay off months or even years down the line.

In addition to my work with the NBD team, I have also assisted on a variety of client projects. One of my favorite projects has been Creating Connection. Creating Connection is an initiative designed to help arts organizations attract new and diverse audiences and to transform arts and culture from a nicety to a cultural necessity. Over the past few weeks, I have assisted on communication with arts organizations all across Oregon and helped coordinate their work with MG. Each organization has different needs–from helping to create a social media plan to reviewing a website–making every project new and exciting. As an art and theatre student at Willamette University, it can be difficult to imagine transitioning into the real world; the outlook for art in the United States always seems a little grim. Getting to hear so many passionate individuals and help build public will for the arts is simultaneously comforting and rewarding, and I am so glad I get to be a part of it.

– Zach Ward