450 years old, and still relevant


Today (April 23rd) is the day most folks consider to be Shakespeare’s birthday.

We celebrate the power of storytelling that has stood the test of time and that captures meta themes that translate across cultures, languages and eras. From the angst of teen love and the “I Love Lucy” antecedent of his┬ácomedies to the senseless cruelty of war and of jealousy in his tragedies, we can all learn from the Bard.

Everyday and worldwide, designers, performing artists, scholars, teachers, students, filmmakers, and readers link Shakespeare to new concepts, artistic vision, and settings that create contemporary context and transformational experiences. Today, we celebrate one of the world’s great writers and we celebrate the libraries, universities, schools, and theaters who foster knowledge, build community, and create connection to the human condition for millions. Stories matter. Words matter. Writers matter.

Happy 450th, William Shakespeare.