Future You – Nike School Innovation Fund

The Nike School Innovation Fund (NSIF) partners with school leaders in Oregon to increase high school graduation rates and help all students reach their full potential. It created Future You to help high schools engage students and spark big thinking—among students and their teachers and mentors—about the amazing opportunities awaiting today’s graduates in a rapidly changing future fueled by curiosity and creativity.

MG worked with Nike leaders, school administrators, educators, parents and students to develop an overarching Future You message and look. We then customized Future You to align with the identities of four individual schools in the Portland metro area, and created inspiring tools for the schools to use to create stronger connections with students, parents and community members. Designed for each school’s unique needs, these included wall murals, posters, video screen displays, email templates, social media resources, and more. We worked hand in hand with school design instructors and students—some of whom were producing the tools in their in-school studios—and provided guidance and training to ensure a smooth launch.

Each school kicked off its 2017-18 school year with strong new student-centered communication that positions the school as an innovator and advances its mission; gives teachers new ways to engage and inspire students; and inspires a focus on the amazing new careers our schools are preparing students to pursue.